Gemini Season (May 21- June 20)

This Gemini season has proven to be a true portrayal of the sign itself. I have personally felt the strain of two or more conflicting ideas putting stress on my mind during this chaotic season of turbulence and change. Geminis are represented by the twins and make up 1 of 3 Air signs. Geminis are intellectuals and creatives. They cannot resist a good conversation and offer intuitive point- of- views. When a Gemini is in a good mood, people born under this sign are lively, communicative, versatile, adaptable, and inventive. Nonetheless, a Gemini’s evil twin will communicate distraction, nervousness and passivity. They can also be crazed, argumentative, and upsetting if they are angry with either you or the system.

All of the Gemini’s I know, can dress, I can’t even lie. Somehow they are able to use their twin, split brain, personality to bring together harmonious ‘fits for sure. Shades of green and yellow flatter a Gemini’s personality. These colors represent growth, rejuvenation, and creativity. A Gemini sun sign is quick with language, thought provoking, and makes a great conversationalist if you can decipher their favorite topic. Even a lime green or bright yellow is not far off from a color that Gemini’s might find appealing by nature. Gemini’s are attracted to symmetry and duality, so colors like black and white are appealing to these brainy Gems. Pink is also a color which intrigues a Gemini because of its endless combinations of whites and reds. Geminis know style because their outlook on art and Fashion is filtered through their unique thought process which is best exemplified by Kanye. He’s a very intense Gemini with outlandish ideas trying to work through his mental illnesses by using art and fashion to medicate the madness. As it is officially the Summer Solstice, Geminis should live their best lives expressing themselves in eye catching green and yellow prints to bring out the structured chaos prevalent in their personalities.

Shine Bright

Cancarians coming soon

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