Cancer Season (June 20-July 21)

Cancers are one- of-a -kind souls, constantly yearning and searching for atmosphere. Cancers feel extremely deeply and are known to anchor emotional depth. Cancers are represented by the crab and make up 1 of 3 Water signs. The dynamic of the sign is a martyr type; they can often feel like the black sheep and that their efforts go unnoticed or unappreciated. Giving and selfless by nature, an immature Cancer may be taken advantage of or easily used, but a mature Cancer is able to recognize their intuitive abilities and create a safe place to expel their passions and curiosities. Cancers are known to be harmonious, modest, imaginative, protective, and loving. However, Cancers also have the reputation of being particular, distant, withdrawn, off-balance, strange, sneaky and clingy.

Unique and eccentric, Cancers usually spend time moving from style to style until they embody a flow off their own. Cancers look flattering in colors which are closest to their natural element, water. Light blues, sea foam greens, and crisp whites would complement the cool and calming undertones of the Cancer personality. These colors are very receptive and comforting to others. The soft and nurturing side of Cancer can be seen through these shades. Cancers should avoid wearing very bold colors like black and red as these colors can be limiting to the Cancers emotional world. Cancerians are sensitive souls born with incredibly resilient armor, much like a crab. They are always willing to extend assistance but are sometime too generous for their own good. A Cancer who recognizes their strengths in emotional understanding and projects these emotions effectively, can easily help others to recognize their own dynamic resilience.


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