Leo Season (July 21- August 20)

All of the Leos I know have an affinity toward adventure and thrill seeking character trait. Leos are some of the most fearless and dedicated souls in the universe. The Leo is represented by the Lion and people under this sign definitely take on the tenacious demeanor of the animal. Leos make up 1 of 3 fire signs and have the reputation of having a matching attitude. Bold and honest, Leos always bring a large portion of themselves to whatever situation they are in. The Leo in a group is often the one to take on the most responsibility or naturally takes the lead. Some positive Leo traits include being friendly, open, generous, positive, frank, and observant. Leos though, are known to have a quick temper and can come across as pushy, insensitive or egotistical in an argument.

Star Fire

From personal experience, I know Leos to dress very intentionally. They actually care about what they wear and how they are represented to the rest of the world. On a good day, a Leo will always look put together regardless of their individual style. A Leo’s style is very distinctly their own; everyone knows when the Leo has arrived. Some with a strong perfectionist mind set will always make sure they are color coordinated with the seasons, or at least on trend. Leos may favor colors in the royal family such as plum or dark maroon. Heading into the end of August, a Leo may want to start incorporating those colors into their wardrobe before everyone else catches on. Burnt orange is an unsuspecting color that would flatter the Leo personality type; bold and always surprising. Leos thrive off of experience and adventure, and orange is that color to navigate newness or change.

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