Libra Season (September 21- October 20)

Libras are such a mystery. Their thought process is very out there and often too complex to follow frame by frame. My one Libra friend explained the Libra thought process to me. She said: I see all the possibilities of a situation at one time and have to decide which will produce the best future outcome. In my opinion, this is why Libras always seem to be in a world of their own. Libras make up 1 of 3 air signs and are represented by the image of scales. Libras always try to weigh their options and go with the fairest possible outcome for all involved. Some positive Libra traits include being charismatic, likable, understanding, clever, and self sufficient. Though an agitated Libra does have the tendency to be rejecting, cutting, undermining, and bothersome.

The Libra style must be balanced and lofty. A very airy Libra will always opt for casual perfection, effortlessly balancing prints and patterns. Libras should opt to wear shades of blue and pink when styling themselves. Also, pastel colors such as pistachio, pale aqua, and lavender should become part of the Libra color wheel as well. Libras r wildd, yet dress and act quite diplomatically to maintain some semblance of tangible consistency.

Two faces are better than one

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