Scorpio Season (October 20- November 21)

All hail the mighty Scorpion. Quicker than a speeding bullet, and more cunning than a pack of wild foxes, those born under the Scorpion Sun are some of the most delicate creatures to dance with. Scorpios are water signs and actually possess characteristics resembling those of real scorpions. They are born equip with hard armor to protect their squishy insides and they do not back down from a challenge without first displaying their lethal capabilities. Nonetheless, I have to say that I have never met a Scorpio I did not click with instantaneously. I admire the Scorpio resilience and tenacity, but do try to avoid their vengeful thirst. Some positive Scorpio traits include being passionate, persistent, committed, strategic, loyal and discrete. Some alternative Scorpio traits include being aggressive, over bearing, dominant, secretive and reserved.

The Scorpio style is one of strategy. A Scorpio will dress casually and coolly for the everyday. A comfy sweater and jeans will do a Scorpio just fine. However, when it is time for the Scorpio to dance, the Scorpio will dress immaculately, always attracting the best attention. The Scorpio personality is one of drastic subtlety and their dress choice emulates just this. Scorpios look best in shades of purple, maroon, crimson, and burgundy. Scorpios have a kind of scarlet aura; they appear mystic and intense. Scorpios are also keen to wearing colors like bottle green, copper and black. The Scorpio always stands out, yet can blend into any crowd as a camouflage tactic when the situation arises.

The Scorpio is the Fire sign of Water signs

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