Virgo Season (August 20-September 21)

Virgos may be my favorite Earth sign. Their level headed personalities combined with an air of unmistakable confidence makes them the go to sign for sound advice. The Virgo is 1 of 3 Earth signs and is represented by the Virgin. Virgos are pragmatic, realistic, tasteful, economical, responsible, and low key. Though an agitated Virgo will often act unsympathetic, silent, condemning, and resentful.

Virgos usually err on the side of pragmatism when they dress for the day. They have a pretty niche and distinct style that they do not stray far from. They try to make it look like they’re not trying, but anyone who knows a Virgo knows that they definitely spend an extra 5 to 10 minutes making sure the Virgo queen herself (BeyoncĂ© ) would approve the fit if need be.

Complimentary shades for a Virgo include pastel and pale colors. These cool kinds of colors help to bring out the “go with the flow” personality of a cool, calm, and collected Virgo. Black, caramel, moss and tan color choices can also compliment the deep and earthy feels of the Virgo sun sign. These colors bring out the depths of the Virgo personality type.

I’m listening..

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