Sagittarius Season (November 21- December 20)

I’m not gonna sit here and lie, from what I’ve gathered, getting to know a Sagittarius sign is a journey. My personal anecdotes are limited as I do not know a great amount of Sagittarius’s. However, from media examples and brief encounters with them, I can tell they are very proud of who they are and the position they hold in their own lives. They love to stir the pot and poke fun at their friends, family, and any unsuspecting ‘“rando” who crosses their path. Making up 1 of 3 Fire signs, the Sagittarius is represented by the archer. Most Sagittariuses I have had the pleasure of meeting have definitely exhibited the following traits: intuitive, quick, versatile, hardworking, dedicated, helpful, and friendly. Those born under this sign can also come off as unclear, unrealistic, peculiar, testing, self-involved, and unemotional.

When it comes to style, Sagittariuses have an affinity toward the subtle flex. They like to stand out, though they do it so effortlessly that it just becomes part of who they are on a daily basis. When I think of Sagittariuses who influence the fashion world I think of Janelle Monae, Nikki Minaj, Tyra Banks and Tina Turner. Orange, yellow, and red match a Sagittarius’ bold personality. These shades are reflective of passion, and an upbeat spirit.

One question I have though: If your birthday is close to a gift giving holiday in December, do you get separate gifts on your birthday and the holiday or is everything combined?

Lemme know in the comments!

“He asked my sign, I said a sag’,
I’m a star, sheriff badge.”

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