Capricorn Season (December 20- January 21)

A Capricorn is someone I admire from a distance but could never try to emulate. They just seem to excel at everything they try and find success in the most unlikely places. Their poise, effortless talent, and careful world watching techniques are just some of the attributes that set Capricorns apart from the rest of the zodiac. Capricorns make up 1 of 3 Earth signs and are represented by the Goat. Capricorns are known for being self-assured, hardworking, social, observant and efficient. Capricorns also have the reputation of being stubborn, pushy, opportunistic, smothering, and insensitive. Nonetheless, a Capricorn is grounded in their purpose and pushes forward even through heavy circumstances. I admire this trait most in a Capricorn sun placement.

The Capricorn is detail oriented both in reality and retail. Thrift savvy, a Capricorn is looking for the best deal to fit their form and function. Smart Capricorns take time to carefully plan out their daily activity to predict how much outfit they will need to seize the day. Earthy shades bring out the focus and professionalism in a Capricorn, complimenting their grounded mindset and ready-for-action attitude. Interestingly enough, Capricorns are intrigued by the color red but rarely go for the bold color choice. Colors like black and white are more realistic staples for this goal oriented Earth sign, creating the balance and harmony they seek to form.

Green Giant

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