Aquarius Season (January 21- February 20)

Without trying to be partial, Aquariuses may be my favorite sign.

Besides that fact that I’m an Aquarius sun, I find the Aquarius to be one of the most dynamic, unpredictable, and fascinating signs of the zodiac. The Aquarius is depicted as the Water Bearer and represents 1 of 3 Air signs. I know through personal accounts that their hot and cold demeanor combined with their humanitarian nature does not make them the easiest sign to understand. However, an Aquarius’ cool and open personality is part of what makes them an enjoyable experience of a “human”. Aquariuses are known to be accepting, interesting, spontaneous, friendly, versatile, and responsive. Aquariuses are also known for acting impatient, erratic, elusive, strange, overwhelming, and at times, superficial.

If you follow astrology and understand the Aquarius sense of self, you can most likely pick out the Aquarius in a group of friends. They often have a unique style; not too flashy, but also far from conventional. A more introverted Aquarius may wear the typical t-shirt and jeans look, but don a particular pattern or sew-on patch to separate themselves from the rest. On the other hand, a bolder Aquarius will don items completely out of this world to express their chaotic bliss such as a sequin crop top and sequin skirt set with tall lace up boots and shady shades. You have to understand that an Aquarius does not care what you think of them and their outfits are no different. Some people definitely used to look at me crazy for my bold jean prints and wild accessories but I realized that it’s not my prerogative to convince people of future trends. Often setting the stage for fashion innovation, an Aquarius is someone who breaks and resets all social norms and rules. Complementary colors for an Aqua Bae include violet, turquoise, and aquamarine. Aquariuses gravitate toward unconventional and energizing shades as well. Psychedelic shades of neon green and purple also remind us Aquas of the mothership on which we were raised, cultivated, and thrust out of and into the atmosphere to thrive among the rest of the earthly population.

Extraterrestrial Exit ..

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