Pisces Season (February 20- March 21)

Pisces signs are both very loving and very particular with whom they love. However, because of their highly emotional nature, it can sometimes be easy for their thoughts to consume and cloud a fragile grasp of reality.

Pisces are 1 of 3 Water signs and are symbolized as the fish. They have a psychic ability, like most Water signs, to feel a person’s aura and understanding the emotional environment at hand. They are incredibly intuitive as well as empathetic, subtle, clever, tactful, and compelling. However, a Pisces can also exhibit some unfavorable traits such as being over- sensitive, resentful, self-sacrificing, easily upset, and misleading.

The Pisces style is ever changing depending on their mood. They can be picky with what they choose to adorn themselves in, but once they find the right look, it’s over for most bitches. Think Rihanna. Their subtle but intense nature makes them the perfect canvas for innovative and culturally forward looks. Ruled by the Planet Neptune, a Pisces is inclined to unify, dissolve, and empathize. A Pisces looks most flattering in shades of blue, light blue, white, and indigo, colors of the sea.

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