Pisces Season (February 20- March 21)

Pisces signs are both very loving and very particular with whom they love. However, because of their highly emotional nature, it can sometimes be easy for their thoughts to consume and cloud a fragile grasp of reality.

Pisces are 1 of 3 Water signs and are symbolized as the fish. They have a psychic ability, like most Water signs, to feel a person’s aura and understanding the emotional environment at hand. They are incredibly intuitive as well as empathetic, subtle, clever, tactful, and compelling. However, a Pisces can also exhibit some unfavorable traits such as being over- sensitive, resentful, self-sacrificing, easily upset, and misleading.

The Pisces style is ever changing depending on their mood. They can be picky with what they choose to adorn themselves in, but once they find the right look, it’s over for most bitches. Think Rihanna. Their subtle but intense nature makes them the perfect canvas for innovative and culturally forward looks. Ruled by the Planet Neptune, a Pisces is inclined to unify, dissolve, and empathize. A Pisces looks most flattering in shades of blue, light blue, white, and indigo, colors of the sea.

Aquarius Season (January 21- February 20)

Without trying to be partial, Aquariuses may be my favorite sign.

Besides that fact that I’m an Aquarius sun, I find the Aquarius to be one of the most dynamic, unpredictable, and fascinating signs of the zodiac. The Aquarius is depicted as the Water Bearer and represents 1 of 3 Air signs. I know through personal accounts that their hot and cold demeanor combined with their humanitarian nature does not make them the easiest sign to understand. However, an Aquarius’ cool and open personality is part of what makes them an enjoyable experience of a “human”. Aquariuses are known to be accepting, interesting, spontaneous, friendly, versatile, and responsive. Aquariuses are also known for acting impatient, erratic, elusive, strange, overwhelming, and at times, superficial.

If you follow astrology and understand the Aquarius sense of self, you can most likely pick out the Aquarius in a group of friends. They often have a unique style; not too flashy, but also far from conventional. A more introverted Aquarius may wear the typical t-shirt and jeans look, but don a particular pattern or sew-on patch to separate themselves from the rest. On the other hand, a bolder Aquarius will don items completely out of this world to express their chaotic bliss such as a sequin crop top and sequin skirt set with tall lace up boots and shady shades. You have to understand that an Aquarius does not care what you think of them and their outfits are no different. Some people definitely used to look at me crazy for my bold jean prints and wild accessories but I realized that it’s not my prerogative to convince people of future trends. Often setting the stage for fashion innovation, an Aquarius is someone who breaks and resets all social norms and rules. Complementary colors for an Aqua Bae include violet, turquoise, and aquamarine. Aquariuses gravitate toward unconventional and energizing shades as well. Psychedelic shades of neon green and purple also remind us Aquas of the mothership on which we were raised, cultivated, and thrust out of and into the atmosphere to thrive among the rest of the earthly population.

Extraterrestrial Exit ..

Capricorn Season (December 20- January 21)

A Capricorn is someone I admire from a distance but could never try to emulate. They just seem to excel at everything they try and find success in the most unlikely places. Their poise, effortless talent, and careful world watching techniques are just some of the attributes that set Capricorns apart from the rest of the zodiac. Capricorns make up 1 of 3 Earth signs and are represented by the Goat. Capricorns are known for being self-assured, hardworking, social, observant and efficient. Capricorns also have the reputation of being stubborn, pushy, opportunistic, smothering, and insensitive. Nonetheless, a Capricorn is grounded in their purpose and pushes forward even through heavy circumstances. I admire this trait most in a Capricorn sun placement.

The Capricorn is detail oriented both in reality and retail. Thrift savvy, a Capricorn is looking for the best deal to fit their form and function. Smart Capricorns take time to carefully plan out their daily activity to predict how much outfit they will need to seize the day. Earthy shades bring out the focus and professionalism in a Capricorn, complimenting their grounded mindset and ready-for-action attitude. Interestingly enough, Capricorns are intrigued by the color red but rarely go for the bold color choice. Colors like black and white are more realistic staples for this goal oriented Earth sign, creating the balance and harmony they seek to form.

Green Giant

Sagittarius Season (November 21- December 20)

I’m not gonna sit here and lie, from what I’ve gathered, getting to know a Sagittarius sign is a journey. My personal anecdotes are limited as I do not know a great amount of Sagittarius’s. However, from media examples and brief encounters with them, I can tell they are very proud of who they are and the position they hold in their own lives. They love to stir the pot and poke fun at their friends, family, and any unsuspecting ‘“rando” who crosses their path. Making up 1 of 3 Fire signs, the Sagittarius is represented by the archer. Most Sagittariuses I have had the pleasure of meeting have definitely exhibited the following traits: intuitive, quick, versatile, hardworking, dedicated, helpful, and friendly. Those born under this sign can also come off as unclear, unrealistic, peculiar, testing, self-involved, and unemotional.

When it comes to style, Sagittariuses have an affinity toward the subtle flex. They like to stand out, though they do it so effortlessly that it just becomes part of who they are on a daily basis. When I think of Sagittariuses who influence the fashion world I think of Janelle Monae, Nikki Minaj, Tyra Banks and Tina Turner. Orange, yellow, and red match a Sagittarius’ bold personality. These shades are reflective of passion, and an upbeat spirit.

One question I have though: If your birthday is close to a gift giving holiday in December, do you get separate gifts on your birthday and the holiday or is everything combined?

Lemme know in the comments!

“He asked my sign, I said a sag’,
I’m a star, sheriff badge.”

Scorpio Season (October 20- November 21)

All hail the mighty Scorpion. Quicker than a speeding bullet, and more cunning than a pack of wild foxes, those born under the Scorpion Sun are some of the most delicate creatures to dance with. Scorpios are water signs and actually possess characteristics resembling those of real scorpions. They are born equip with hard armor to protect their squishy insides and they do not back down from a challenge without first displaying their lethal capabilities. Nonetheless, I have to say that I have never met a Scorpio I did not click with instantaneously. I admire the Scorpio resilience and tenacity, but do try to avoid their vengeful thirst. Some positive Scorpio traits include being passionate, persistent, committed, strategic, loyal and discrete. Some alternative Scorpio traits include being aggressive, over bearing, dominant, secretive and reserved.

The Scorpio style is one of strategy. A Scorpio will dress casually and coolly for the everyday. A comfy sweater and jeans will do a Scorpio just fine. However, when it is time for the Scorpio to dance, the Scorpio will dress immaculately, always attracting the best attention. The Scorpio personality is one of drastic subtlety and their dress choice emulates just this. Scorpios look best in shades of purple, maroon, crimson, and burgundy. Scorpios have a kind of scarlet aura; they appear mystic and intense. Scorpios are also keen to wearing colors like bottle green, copper and black. The Scorpio always stands out, yet can blend into any crowd as a camouflage tactic when the situation arises.

The Scorpio is the Fire sign of Water signs

Libra Season (September 21- October 20)

Libras are such a mystery. Their thought process is very out there and often too complex to follow frame by frame. My one Libra friend explained the Libra thought process to me. She said: I see all the possibilities of a situation at one time and have to decide which will produce the best future outcome. In my opinion, this is why Libras always seem to be in a world of their own. Libras make up 1 of 3 air signs and are represented by the image of scales. Libras always try to weigh their options and go with the fairest possible outcome for all involved. Some positive Libra traits include being charismatic, likable, understanding, clever, and self sufficient. Though an agitated Libra does have the tendency to be rejecting, cutting, undermining, and bothersome.

The Libra style must be balanced and lofty. A very airy Libra will always opt for casual perfection, effortlessly balancing prints and patterns. Libras should opt to wear shades of blue and pink when styling themselves. Also, pastel colors such as pistachio, pale aqua, and lavender should become part of the Libra color wheel as well. Libras r wildd, yet dress and act quite diplomatically to maintain some semblance of tangible consistency.

Two faces are better than one

Virgo Season (August 20-September 21)

Virgos may be my favorite Earth sign. Their level headed personalities combined with an air of unmistakable confidence makes them the go to sign for sound advice. The Virgo is 1 of 3 Earth signs and is represented by the Virgin. Virgos are pragmatic, realistic, tasteful, economical, responsible, and low key. Though an agitated Virgo will often act unsympathetic, silent, condemning, and resentful.

Virgos usually err on the side of pragmatism when they dress for the day. They have a pretty niche and distinct style that they do not stray far from. They try to make it look like they’re not trying, but anyone who knows a Virgo knows that they definitely spend an extra 5 to 10 minutes making sure the Virgo queen herself (Beyoncé ) would approve the fit if need be.

Complimentary shades for a Virgo include pastel and pale colors. These cool kinds of colors help to bring out the “go with the flow” personality of a cool, calm, and collected Virgo. Black, caramel, moss and tan color choices can also compliment the deep and earthy feels of the Virgo sun sign. These colors bring out the depths of the Virgo personality type.

I’m listening..

Leo Season (July 21- August 20)

All of the Leos I know have an affinity toward adventure and thrill seeking character trait. Leos are some of the most fearless and dedicated souls in the universe. The Leo is represented by the Lion and people under this sign definitely take on the tenacious demeanor of the animal. Leos make up 1 of 3 fire signs and have the reputation of having a matching attitude. Bold and honest, Leos always bring a large portion of themselves to whatever situation they are in. The Leo in a group is often the one to take on the most responsibility or naturally takes the lead. Some positive Leo traits include being friendly, open, generous, positive, frank, and observant. Leos though, are known to have a quick temper and can come across as pushy, insensitive or egotistical in an argument.

Star Fire

From personal experience, I know Leos to dress very intentionally. They actually care about what they wear and how they are represented to the rest of the world. On a good day, a Leo will always look put together regardless of their individual style. A Leo’s style is very distinctly their own; everyone knows when the Leo has arrived. Some with a strong perfectionist mind set will always make sure they are color coordinated with the seasons, or at least on trend. Leos may favor colors in the royal family such as plum or dark maroon. Heading into the end of August, a Leo may want to start incorporating those colors into their wardrobe before everyone else catches on. Burnt orange is an unsuspecting color that would flatter the Leo personality type; bold and always surprising. Leos thrive off of experience and adventure, and orange is that color to navigate newness or change.

Cancer Season (June 20-July 21)

Cancers are one- of-a -kind souls, constantly yearning and searching for atmosphere. Cancers feel extremely deeply and are known to anchor emotional depth. Cancers are represented by the crab and make up 1 of 3 Water signs. The dynamic of the sign is a martyr type; they can often feel like the black sheep and that their efforts go unnoticed or unappreciated. Giving and selfless by nature, an immature Cancer may be taken advantage of or easily used, but a mature Cancer is able to recognize their intuitive abilities and create a safe place to expel their passions and curiosities. Cancers are known to be harmonious, modest, imaginative, protective, and loving. However, Cancers also have the reputation of being particular, distant, withdrawn, off-balance, strange, sneaky and clingy.

Unique and eccentric, Cancers usually spend time moving from style to style until they embody a flow off their own. Cancers look flattering in colors which are closest to their natural element, water. Light blues, sea foam greens, and crisp whites would complement the cool and calming undertones of the Cancer personality. These colors are very receptive and comforting to others. The soft and nurturing side of Cancer can be seen through these shades. Cancers should avoid wearing very bold colors like black and red as these colors can be limiting to the Cancers emotional world. Cancerians are sensitive souls born with incredibly resilient armor, much like a crab. They are always willing to extend assistance but are sometime too generous for their own good. A Cancer who recognizes their strengths in emotional understanding and projects these emotions effectively, can easily help others to recognize their own dynamic resilience.


Gemini Season (May 21- June 20)

This Gemini season has proven to be a true portrayal of the sign itself. I have personally felt the strain of two or more conflicting ideas putting stress on my mind during this chaotic season of turbulence and change. Geminis are represented by the twins and make up 1 of 3 Air signs. Geminis are intellectuals and creatives. They cannot resist a good conversation and offer intuitive point- of- views. When a Gemini is in a good mood, people born under this sign are lively, communicative, versatile, adaptable, and inventive. Nonetheless, a Gemini’s evil twin will communicate distraction, nervousness and passivity. They can also be crazed, argumentative, and upsetting if they are angry with either you or the system.

All of the Gemini’s I know, can dress, I can’t even lie. Somehow they are able to use their twin, split brain, personality to bring together harmonious ‘fits for sure. Shades of green and yellow flatter a Gemini’s personality. These colors represent growth, rejuvenation, and creativity. A Gemini sun sign is quick with language, thought provoking, and makes a great conversationalist if you can decipher their favorite topic. Even a lime green or bright yellow is not far off from a color that Gemini’s might find appealing by nature. Gemini’s are attracted to symmetry and duality, so colors like black and white are appealing to these brainy Gems. Pink is also a color which intrigues a Gemini because of its endless combinations of whites and reds. Geminis know style because their outlook on art and Fashion is filtered through their unique thought process which is best exemplified by Kanye. He’s a very intense Gemini with outlandish ideas trying to work through his mental illnesses by using art and fashion to medicate the madness. As it is officially the Summer Solstice, Geminis should live their best lives expressing themselves in eye catching green and yellow prints to bring out the structured chaos prevalent in their personalities.

Shine Bright

Cancarians coming soon