Aquarius Season (January 21- February 20)

Without trying to be partial, Aquariuses may be my favorite sign.

Besides that fact that I’m an Aquarius sun, I find the Aquarius to be one of the most dynamic, unpredictable, and fascinating signs of the zodiac. The Aquarius is depicted as the Water Bearer and represents 1 of 3 Air signs. I know through personal accounts that their hot and cold demeanor combined with their humanitarian nature does not make them the easiest sign to understand. However, an Aquarius’ cool and open personality is part of what makes them an enjoyable experience of a “human”. Aquariuses are known to be accepting, interesting, spontaneous, friendly, versatile, and responsive. Aquariuses are also known for acting impatient, erratic, elusive, strange, overwhelming, and at times, superficial.

If you follow astrology and understand the Aquarius sense of self, you can most likely pick out the Aquarius in a group of friends. They often have a unique style; not too flashy, but also far from conventional. A more introverted Aquarius may wear the typical t-shirt and jeans look, but don a particular pattern or sew-on patch to separate themselves from the rest. On the other hand, a bolder Aquarius will don items completely out of this world to express their chaotic bliss such as a sequin crop top and sequin skirt set with tall lace up boots and shady shades. You have to understand that an Aquarius does not care what you think of them and their outfits are no different. Some people definitely used to look at me crazy for my bold jean prints and wild accessories but I realized that it’s not my prerogative to convince people of future trends. Often setting the stage for fashion innovation, an Aquarius is someone who breaks and resets all social norms and rules. Complementary colors for an Aqua Bae include violet, turquoise, and aquamarine. Aquariuses gravitate toward unconventional and energizing shades as well. Psychedelic shades of neon green and purple also remind us Aquas of the mothership on which we were raised, cultivated, and thrust out of and into the atmosphere to thrive among the rest of the earthly population.

Extraterrestrial Exit ..

Astro 111: Against the Elements

Each of the 12 astrological signs is separated into four elements which further helps to establish characteristics within each sign. There are four elements which the signs are sorted into including Earth, Fire, Air, and Water. Each of these elements hold a deeper potential meaning for the temperaments and day to day mannerisms of each sign.

Water signs and Earth signs are considered to be the feminine signs. This is not to say that people of this sign act with traditionally feminine characteristics, however these signs do tend to posses a more amicable, even, and helpful behavior upon initial contact. Fire and Air signs are considered to be the masculine signs and can come off as dominant and skeptical when approaching new territory. Fire and Air signs approach issues head on sometimes acting first and waiting for their thoughts to catch up, while Water and Earth signs go back and forth detailing all possibilities for maximum accuracy.

The Earth signs include: Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. These people are considered grounded by nature and take time to particularity plan their next moves. Just as Beyonce (Virgo sun) carefully planned out her spectacular HBCU inspired performance for Coachella, this is typical of many Earth signs who always plan to start with a solid foundation for any project. These people are often loyal, understanding and helpful which makes for a trustworthy and reliable friend or partner. I’ve never met a Virgo who has not been outgoing in energy or spirit. They are truly conscious signs with much to offer the world.

It’s What You Know

The Water signs include: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. These signs are known to be sensitive and mysterious in nature. They can easily use their strong emotional holds to control any situation. Like water, water signs can either be refreshing to another person or threaten to drown them in their moods. Water signs are said to be the most emotionally intuitive and always pick up on the slightest change in mood from a friend or partner. I vibe really well with water signs because elementally, air and water work closely together in nature.

Pisces Play

The Fire signs include: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. These signs are the best representation of their elemental nature as these sun signs will usually profess their fiery passions and temperaments in the first few seconds of meeting you. It does not take much to spark the attention, or fury of a fire sign, so it is best to pay these signs attention as often as they ask for it. Bold and proud by nature, Fire signs are usually exemplars of fame and success such Nikki Minaj (Sagittarius sun), Jennifer Lopez (Leo Sun) or Barack Obama (Leo Sun) . I’ve never me a Fire sign who did not have charisma and a passion for being alive.


The Air signs include: Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. These signs are very “heady” and live in their imaginations. They are constantly thinking, and like the wind, can take flight at any moment. Air signs have trouble living in the moment and often get lost in their needs for adventure and authentic experience. An air sign will not wait for you to come along; an air sign will just pick up and go. An Air sign can come off as passive and dismissive, but only due to their spinning thoughts of multiple realities. It’s usually hit or miss with me when it comes to my relationships with other Air signs. Sometimes we are just so similar that I do not believe the level of understanding that is available during a genuine meeting and I inevitably over think the situation.

Invite II Innovate

Although all signs can get along if they chose to do so, some signs have a stronger compatibility with each other. My next astro side bar will focus on sun sign compatibility ❤

Aries Season (March 21-April 20)

Welcome to the wild and enchanting Aries season. Those who fall under the Aries sign are represented by the ram and make up 1 of 3 fire signs. Though I am an Aquarius sun and an Aquarius rising, I am a proud Aries moon. In my head and heart I am a ferocious ram hungry for adventure and chill times. Some positive personality traits of an Aries include being inspirational, passionate, determined, bold, focused, and honest. Some less than positive Aries traits include being impatient, impulsive, argumentative, unforgiving, moody, commanding, and busy.

Up in Flames

An Aries is best styled in shades of mustard, rust, and maroon. These colors are subtly impactful and bring forth the deepness of the Aries spirit. As it finally starts to feel like Spring, it is definitely the right time to utilize a yellow/mustard color pallet to switch up your style. You know you can pull off any look and with the right amount of confidence to do so. So many other signs are afraid to standout, but not you Aries! Wear your rust romper and buy that golden yellow sundress. Ruled by the planet Mars, you have daring tenses and a stop-the-world attitude. You’re on a schedule; you have places to go and things to do. Aries, next time you’re getting ready to go out, listen to your inner fire and wear what makes you shine the brightest.

Red Romper

Next up… Taurus Season